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Jonathan Tschida 03.10.2022 01:23


Bruce 04.10.2022 01:24

Shalom Bro!

Wesley 25.07.2021 21:30

i have really enjoyed the articles. thanks for your hard work.

Lisa Hammond 15.04.2020 00:49

Hoping to get much wisdom and understanding from this site.

Bruce Laplante 16.04.2020 01:30

I Pray our heavenly Father blesses you richly Lisa! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Signlady 14.10.2019 06:15

Sukkot means a lot of things.
To the Jews - it is a celebration or feast of tabernacles which commemorates the 40 years of wandering thru & being brought out of the wilderness. Each family builds their own temporary 'tent'-like structure & has their feast

Bruce Laplante 16.10.2019 22:03

Amen Sister Signlady!

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07.10 | 19:04

Entrenched trinitarians are the power hungry egoist’s that play God and 90% of the rest of you just follow without knowing anything.

07.10 | 18:36

Most of you who are trinitarians only support this doctrine through pressure from your family, your church and your friends.

07.10 | 18:16

Yeshua and Yahweh are not one and the same, have never been one and the same, and are currently not one and the same as the Son sits at the right hand of power.

04.10 | 01:24

Shalom Bro!